Jumpin’ Jupiter!

Quick!  Take a look at the sky tonight before it’s too late!

At about 10:00 PM Eastern time the gibbous moon will be in conjunction with Jupiter – only a finger’s-width apart on your outstretched arm.jupmoon

How coincidental that this celestial phenomenon occurred on Inauguration Day.

But, no one died because of this.

No one born tonight on Earth will have supernatural powers from this astral phenomenon.

Our perch in space allows us to witness the conjunction and many others like it each year. It happens with no apparent impact on the lives of Julius Caesars past or future, on or off the steps of the Senate.

So why is the wonder of the natural sky itself eclipsed by soothsayers and the superstitious?

The fault that such a large portion of our populace believes in astrology lies not in our stars but in ourselves.

Take your kids outdoors tonight – or tomorrow. Learn just two or three facts about the sky. Talk to them. Show them something. The winter sky is especially wonderful…Let them wonder. Let them ask questions.

And “I don’t know” is a perfectly acceptable answer. You can look things up together.

The wonders of the universe – even the ones observable in a light-polluted suburban starscape – are far more magical than the fantasy imposed by an ancient superstition.

Get out there!

Here’s a great website to help you get started.


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